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Welcome to Qatar Airways Virtual

Going Places Together

We at Qatar Virtual provide a realistic experience of the enthusiasts of aviation as well as Qatar Airways and Qatar Cargo. Our website hosts daily operations in the mimic of Qatar Airways, using flight simulation to fly their routes and aircraft.


About Qatar VA

Qatar Airways Virtual is based in Doha like no other airline is. We offer a diversity of routes, all originating in Doha and ending in any of the six inhabited continents. All our routes are based on real-life ones, and we strive to be as realistic as possible. We only accept Grade 3 or above pilots, so they have access to Expert Server in which they can be as realistic as possible. 
Maintaining high standards for both our staff and our pilots, we will ensure that everyone gets along and works as a team, to help others and connect the world through our airline. We codeshare with many different airlines around the world, catering to many different people and what they’d like to see.

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Qatar Airways Virtual



©2020 by Qatar Airways Virtual. 
Qatar Airways Virtual is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Qatar Airways Group, Company, Q.C.S.C, Qatar Airways or the Government of Qatar. We are a not for profit Virtual Airline for the Infinite Flight Simulator (Copyright Infinite Flight LLC). 

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